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New York City Landlord Tenant Law

Legal Disputes Between Landlords & Tenants

Food, clothing and shelter are commonly listed as being the necessities of life, the things nobody can do without. The last one, housing, is also typically the largest expense in most peoples' lives. In a housing market as competitive as New York City, disputes between landlords and tenants can easily become hotly contested. People from all over the world dream of coming to live in the Big Apple, and those who are already here are often willing to fight for their ability to stay here. Disagreements over the terms of a lease, increasing monthly rent payments and the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant can often be resolved quickly and amicably, but they sometimes require the intervention of a skilled landlord tenant attorney NYC from The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. Read below to learn about the various types of cases we represent, and follow the links to learn more about how we can assist you.

About Landlord & Tenant Disputes


The process of eviction is not as simple as the landlord deciding to terminate the lease and throw the tenant out of the premises. It involves formal service of notice, and the tenant is often able to legally contest the matter in Housing Court. We can assist with non-payment evictions as well as holdover cases and can represent either the landlord or the tenant.

Landlord Law

When landlords and tenants become involved in legal disputes, many people have a tendency to side with the "little guy" or the "underdog." The results is that the rights of the landlord are often trampled, leaving him or her deprived of fair payment or making it difficult to turn a profit. We help our landlord clients resolve their issues quickly and effectively.

Lease Disputes

A lease should ideally contain provisions for addressing any disputes which could arise between the landlord and the tenant, but even the most comprehensive lease will not always be effective in the event of a disagreement. Whether the lease does not address the situation or if the language is ambiguous, hiring an attorney can improve your chances of success in the dispute.

Non-Payment Disputes

Non-payment of rent is among the most common grounds for eviction in New York City, but the matter is far from always cut and dry. If you have a tenant who is delinquent in paying rent or if you have been served with a Notice of Eviction, let us help you take action to defend your rights in the situation.

Public Housing and Exclusion Violations

The New York City Housing Authority operates low-income housing throughout New York City. While most residents are evicted for failure to pay rent, they can also be evicted when they engage in prohibited conduct or when they allow an excluded family member to visit or reside in the apartment.

Section 8

Section 8 is a Housing Choice Voucher Program that provides funding for low income families so they can have access to decent, safe and affordable housing. At times families will receive notices regarding termination or they will be denied assistance. In such cases residents have the right to contest issues regarding unfavorable determinations, and our New York City landlord tenant lawyer can represent individuals in these types of cases.

Tenant's Rights

As a tenant, you have rights. Your rights include those that are described in the language of your lease, as well as basic rights that are provided for by the government. An attorney from our firm can help you understand your rights and work to help you secure a favorable outcome to the situation.

Transfer of Public Housing Residency

The NYCHA provides affordable housing for low-income families throughout New York City. When a resident wants to put a new family member down as the primary resident on the lease to the apartment in what is called "succession," then the Remaining Family Member (RFM) must meet certain qualifications before the RFM is allowed to succeed to a NYCHA apartment.

Let a Landlord Tenant Lawyer in NYC Defend Your Rights

New York City landlord tenant law can be a complex and confusing subject, and the case is often made only more challenging by the fact that the parties to a dispute are often emotionally invested in the outcome of the situation. For experienced legal guidance from an attorney who cares about your case, come to The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. We are selective in our choice of the cases we represent, and when you work with us we will take every possible step to minimize your costs. You are more than a file number or a billable hour to us—you are an individual who deserves the highest quality of legal service available. Let us put our skill and experience to work for you!

Contact our New York City landlord tenant law office today to schedule a consultation! We also proudly serve residents in Queens.

Resources for Landlord Tenant Attorney in New York

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