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Bronx Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Landlord Tenant Attorney for New York City Boroughs

The northernmost borough of the five in New York City, located above Manhattan is the Bronx borough. The Bronx County was the last one to be incorporated out of all 62 counties in New York State. It was first considered to be a legally separate borough of Greater New York back in 1898. The area was originally made up of rural land and small farms and it slowly transformed into a railroad suburban environment in the late 19th century. According to the 2012 Census, there are now approximately 1,408,473 residents who live in the 42 square miles of the Bronx- a quarter of that space, however, is open land. Despite that fact, the Bronx is considered to be the third most densely populous county in the United States. The Bronx is also the fourth-largest borough out of the five as well as the fourth most populated. Running through the area is the Bronx River which separates the west hills of the Bronx from the flatter east side of the borough. This river was named after the creator of the first settlement in the New Netherland colony, Jonas Bronck. This eventually became the name of the borough as a whole.

The Bronx borough is home to the New York Botanical Garden, countless beautiful parks as well as the Bronx Zoo. You will also find Woodlawn Cemetery near the western bank of the Bronx River- this cemetery is one of the largest in all of New York City. This borough experienced a population boom in the mid-19th and 20th centuries as many immigrants from Ireland, Germany and Italy poured into the area. Then after 1945, the population evolved into a mostly African American and Hispanic Americans that hail from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. That is why the Bronx area has an abundance of hip hop and Latin influenced music. The Bronx is a melting pot of affluence and cultures with many different neighborhoods. This borough, however, does comprise one of the five poorest Congressional Districts in the United States.

This borough experienced hard times along with a decline in population throughout the 1950s-1980s. During this time there was a rise in violence, crime, and arson particularly. The wave of arson was predominant in the poorer communities in South Bronx. In the 1970s alone there were seven in particular building tracts that were 97% burned and then abandoned. There were then 44 other neighborhood tracts that lost 50% of their buildings and unfortunately experienced the same fate. By the end of the decline period, the South Bronx had lost 40% of its housing units and 60% of its original population. It wasn't until the late 1980s that redevelopment and population growth in that area began to rise again. There has been substantial development and building construction since then- in fact, from 2002-2007 there were approximately 33,687 new housing units built. With the rise in housing and new developments springing up in South Bronx, landlord tenant disputes have become significantly more common. The residents and landlords of the Bronx borough could greatly benefit from the experienced counsel of a New York City landlord tenant attorney.

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