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Tenant's Rights: To Repair or Not Repair: Can I sue my landlord for failing to make repairs to my apartment?

The landlord is required to make necessary repairs under the law. Under the Warranty of Habitability, the landlord is required to maintain the tenant’s apartment is a safe and habitable condition. Some points worth considering: First, you should notify the landlord of your existing repairs. Second, if the landlord fails to make repairs, you can file a complaint with a government agency by calling 311. Third, you can sue your landlord in housing court for failing to make your repairs. Fourth, you can withhold your rent to force your landlord to make the necessary repairs. Keep in mind that if you withhold your rent, you must keep your money in a safe place where you are not likely to spend it. Withholding your rent does not give you an automatic free pass to spend it and avoid paying your rent at a later date. The court will take your actions in spending your rent into serious consideration. To learn more about whether you can sue your landlord for failing to make repairs to your apartment, contact the Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C.