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Estate Planning Is Invaluable

Nearly anyone will acknowledge importance of implementing an effective and comprehensive estate plan. Without such a plan in place, the distribution of your estate will be carried out subject to the terms of state law. Your heirs may have to wait through the long and complicated process of probate, and at the end of the process there may be little left for their inheritance. Further, without an estate plan in place you would have no say in determining which of your family remembers will receive what shares of your personal assets. As important as estate planning is, many people do nothing to provide for the future of their estates, either because they do not want to face the issue or because they think that estate planning is only for the wealthy.

Guiding You Through the Estate Planning Process

The fact is that with the help of an experienced attorney, estate planning does not have to be either difficult or expensive. When you come to The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C., we will take the time to review all your options and find the strategy which best suits your individual case. We always work to minimize our clients' costs, and do everything we can to satisfy your needs in the situation. You are more than a number or a billable hour to us, and we are ready to help you today. You will be able to work directly with the attorney who is handling your case, and will have the opportunity to stay in control of the entire process.

Options for Estate Planning

There are many different strategies available to you when you have decided to establish an estate plan. The goal of estate planning is to ensure that when you pass away, your loved ones will be spared any unnecessary stress and confusion. Estate plans also generally have the purpose of preserving as much as possible of the estate to be passed on to the heirs. A simple will serves to direct the disposition of the estate, assigning certain items or shares of the estate to specific people. Establishing a trust can be a more effective approach, as it makes it possible to avoid the delay and expense of probate. When you set up a trust, you transfer legal possession of assets out of your own name and into the ownership of the trust as a separate entity. The trust then makes payments or distributions to your beneficiaries according to a schedule that you establish in advance.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Estate planning also encompasses other strategies that do not specifically apply to distributing your financial resources and personal assets. You can designate a power of attorney by naming another person as the one who you wish to have represent you and act on your behalf in the event that you are incapacitated. A power of attorney authorizes the individual to act in your place in making legal decisions and in matters of finance. You can specify certain directions and stipulations for the agent to satisfy, or can set general terms and conditions for the individual to follow. Another option is to enact a living will, which is also referred to as an advance healthcare directive. The living will is used to provide instructions for how you want your healthcare to be handled in the event that you fall ill or are rendered incapacitated. These are only a few of the strategies we can help you with in planning for the future of your estate.

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