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New York City Child Support Lawyer

Family Law Attorney in New York City

Under New York law, both parents have a responsibility to provide for the needs of their children until they turn 21 years of age (unless they are legally emancipated). When one parent has primary physical custody of the child, the other parent will usually be ordered by the court to provide child support. Child support is monthly payments that are made to the custodial parent in order to help pay for things like child's housing, food, clothing, medical care, education, and other expenses.

Whether you are the person being ordered to pay child support or you are the parent seeking such support from the other parent, it is important that you consult with a family law attorney. At The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C., we have a New York City family lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of how these types of orders are issued. If a child support order has already been made and you believe the court's decision was unfair, our attorney can help you file the appropriate objections with the court.

How Child Support Works in NYC

If parents are not able to come to their own child support agreements, the matter will have to be decided by the Family Court. Each parent will be required to provide his or her most recent tax returns, pay stubs, proof of earnings and expenses. If one parent does not agree with the decision, he or she can file an objection within 30 days of receiving the court order, which will lead to further consideration by the court. If the individuals still disagree with the order, it is possible to appeal the objection decision.

Anyone ordered to pay child support is legally required to comply with the order. Failing to pay child support is considered a violation of the order, which can lead to various negative consequences. Some of these consequences include wage garnishment, suspension of the parent's driver's license and/or other types of licenses and possible jail time.

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It is important for both the child and the parents that fair child support orders are made and that they are properly complied with. Contact The Law Office of Tamara T. Jordan P.L.L.C. so that you can have an experienced lawyer protecting your rights and your family's best interests.

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