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New York City Condo Association Lawyer

Condominiums are a type of single unit housing that is generally owned by the inhabitant. This will usually include the unit and a portion of the land that the condominium is located on. Condominium associations are a form of Homeowner's Associations. These associations oversee the policies that apply to the condominium owners, collect maintenance expenses, and association fees.

At The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C., we have been able to assist many condominium associations by providing them with cost-effective and efficient representation and counsel, especially if they are facing a dispute with a tenant.

Condo Association Representation in New York City

If you are a building owner or developer seeking to convert your current building into condominiums and would like to ensure that you are making the best possible legal decisions and protecting your rights, speak with an attorney from our firm. If you are looking for representation that will protect your condominium board's best interests, you have come to the right place. Please speak with a qualified attorney from the firm today.

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