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How long does it take to evict a tenant in NYC?

evict a tenant in NYC

If you are a New York City landlord that wants to evict a tenant, then you may be wondering how long the eviction process will take. Obviously, each case is different and will depend on the judge, but the answer will largely depend on if the property has rent-stabilization.

Properties that have no rent stabilization will usually be fairly straightforward. The landlord must first formally give 30 days of notice to the tenant. If the tenant does not leave, then the landlord must serve the tenant with a Notice of Petition for eviction. A court date may then be set for 5-12 days after the date of service. At the court hearing, the judge may set a date by which the tenant must vacate the premises.

It can be as little as 3 days or up to 6 months. The judge will make the determination based on factors such as:

  • Children involved

  • Age of the tenant

  • Basis for the tenant's eviction

  • Length of tenancy

Therefore, properties without rent stabilization may evict tenants in as little as a month and a half.

Properties with rent-stabilization, however, are much more complex due to the various protections from the government. According to the New York City Rent Stabilization Code, tenants with rent-stabilization are afforded more defenses and therefore landlords have much more difficulty evicting these tenants.

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