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Landlord's Crisis: Where is my money?

Landlord's Crisis

Your tenant is two months behind rent and he keeps telling you that he is going to send the money in the mail. You keeping waiting and you receive no response. In order to save money, you decide to start the case yourself. Interestingly enough, while in court, your tenant tells the judge that he is out of work and he is looking for employment. The judge postpones the case to give the tenant more time to obtain an attorney. While heading home, you see the tenant shopping for clothes and he is walking around the mall with bags without a care in the world. Unfortunately, during the next court date, the judge dismisses your case based on the defects in your legal papers. What should you do?

You need to speak to an attorney regarding your legal options. The longer you wait to commence your case, the higher the risk that you face in seeing your rent money ever again. Often times, you try to save money by starting the case on your own, but you can lose thousands of dollars in the long run. Besides, once the tenant leaves, it will cost you more money to find out where the tenant currently resides and to find out whether the tenant has any money to pay you towards your outstanding rent. To start your non-payment case against your tenant, contact the Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C.

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