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Legal Stories Part 1: The Welcome Mat, Day 1 Turns Into Day 30

Your friend refuses to leave.

Here is the scenario: Your friend calls you telling you that she is coming to New York for a couple of days. You tell her, no problem, she is welcome to stay at your place. “Mi Casa es su Casa,” in English translation, My home is your home. Well, things turn for the worst; your friend is a lousy guest and has made your life miserable. Your friend refuses to leave and tells you stop worrying; she will leave when she is ready. Situations like this happen and for those that go through it, they can feel like prisoners in their own home. So, what should you do? The simple answer: You need to consult with an attorney immediately because the longer you wait to start an action, the longer your friend will live at your apartment for free causing you more headaches and stress than you can imagine.

Don't live as a prisoner in your own home any longer. Contact The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C..

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