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Legal Stories: Part 2: The Welcome Mat: When Good turns to Ugly

A common problem: You are considering different ways to earn extra income, especially in today’s economy. Amazingly enough, your friend tells you that her friend Joe is currently looking for a place to live. Since your friend recommended Joe, you decide to give Joe a chance. He appears to be kind and friendly. The following year, you observe several people coming in and out of Joe’s basement apartment. You speak to Joe about strangers visiting his basement and the loud music he is playing in the apartment for the past three days. You later learn that Joe turns out to a character in a horror movie. Joe is messy, he is a heavy smoker, and he makes obscene gestures towards the neighbors. You tell Joe to leave immediately, he tells you that he knows his rights, and he knows that the basement is illegal. What should u do?

Speak to an attorney immediately. If Joe is correct that your basement apartment is illegal, you should prepare yourself for a legal fight. You may face not only losing rent from Joe based on your illegal apartment, but you may also face serious violations for not complying with the building code regulations. For assistance in evicting a tenant from an illegal basement, contact the Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C.

When Good turns to Ugly

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