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  • You have been so good to me from start to finish


  • Very very attentive!
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    “I have hired Tamara for numerous work, and she sees cases through from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and highly recommend!”

    Satisfied Client

  • Bright, Inspired, Diligent, Guided by the Lord
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    “If you are looking for a great attorney, you found her!”


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    “I highly recommend Ms. Jordan, she is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. Before coming to Ms. Jordan I had consultations with at least 7 other attorneys in NYC and I wish that I had come to Ms. Jordan first. When I came to Ms. Jordan, I was literally on the verge of losing my home and becoming homeless. Mr. Jordan listened to my situation very carefully and from the first consultation she understood how to lead the case to a satisfactory conclusion. Very importantly, from day one Ms. Jordan saw the case through my eyes. Besides legal assistance, she guided me and made sure that I did not make any wrong moves. On this note, Ms. Jordan also did not make any definitive moves without first running the different outcomes by me, this made me feel very safe and taken care of. Ms. Jordan not only guided me through the legal difficulties but also provided emotional support throughout the 18 month legal ordeal, and encouraged me to remain calm and not to give up. (and believe me there were moments when I thought it would be easier to give up) Ms. Jordan is an expert in Landlord & Tenant Law, Guardianship, Elder Law, and Estate Planning. My case dealt with Landlord & Tenant Law and NYCHA regulations. The first lawyers I went to (before coming to Ms. Jordan) told me that they would need time to get acquainted with the complex government regulation laws, however Ms. Jordan was the only lawyer I met that was able to navigate the complexities of my case. Thanks to Ms. Jordan’s professionalism, expertise, and personal qualities, all of the charges against me were dropped and the case was closed. Thank you so much Ms. Jordan! If you find yourself in any legal difficulty, don’t lose valuable time and contact Ms. Jordan immediately. When you go to some lawyers, you may feel overwhelmed and confused by their fees, and you’re not sure if you are even able to afford them. With Ms. Jordan, I knew exactly what I was being billed for and when, I never felt confused about the financial aspect of this partnership. And it truly is a partnership, Ms. Jordan has your back covered and you will have the peace of mind to focus on your life. Thank you again Ms. Jordan. No words can truly express my gratitude.”


  • Knowledgeable, straight forward and honest
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    “I contacted Ms. Jordan at a time where I was fed up with other attorneys that gave poor advice during consults and were not very knowledgeable. Money seamed to be their only motivation. Ms. Tamara Jordan was straight forward, honest and very knowledgeable during my consultation. This gave me the confidence to retain her afterwards. I was dealing with a difficult situation regarding violation, intimidation etc. I needed someone who knew the law and was going to be committed. That attorney was Tamara Jordan. Her fee was also fair. She is highly recommended in my book. My issue was resolved because of her knowledge.”

    Ms. Fletcher

  • The greatest service that I have ever received from an attorney and I do not hesitate to recommend.
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    “I found Tamara I. Jordan, Esq. to be honest and outright. It was the greatest service that I have ever received from an attorney and I do not hesitate to recommend the Tamara I. Jordan, Esq. for my legal needs. Tamara I. Jordan, Esq. is an excellent attorney. I won't miss the chance to use your services in the future based on your line on work.”

    H. Persaud

  • You are my angel and I am always going to be thankful for what you did.
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    “I just want to thank you for everything that you did for me. Thank you for helping me to get my Section 8 back. If you did not sue the Housing Authority, I would have been homeless right now. Nobody wanted to take my case. You are my angel and I am always going to be thankful for what you did. Again thank you for suing and filing the Article 78.”

    Y. Nunez

  • I am forever grateful to Attorney Jordan for her legal expertise and kindness.
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    “Many people are hesitant to work with lawyers because they do not know the right questions to ask – especially starting out in their quest to start a business. However, Attorney Jordan does two things to make the situation more comfortable: she answers your questions in a profession manner and gets to know you and your vision or situation so that she can assist you more effectively. Attorney Jordan’s legal expertise has helped me set up my real estate LLC’s as well as provide me legal advice and encouragement towards the realization of the success of my business. I am forever grateful to Attorney Jordan for her legal expertise and kindness.”

    I. O'Brien

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