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Thomas, 72 years old, lives in a rent-stabilized apartment. Thomas' neighbors complained to the landlord about the foul order emanating from Thomas' apartment. Thomas appears malnourished, he has hundreds of old newspapers, dirty plates, expired food, and waste, including flies in his apartment. Teresa, Thomas' daughter found court papers taped on Thomas' door from his landlord. Teresa is unsure of the next step. What should Teresa do? Teresa needs to speak with her father immediately about the necessity of consulting with an attorney. Thomas' court papers may be time sensitive and Thomas may need to respond to the court papers immediately. In addition, Thomas has a hoarding problem and his apartment may be deemed a fire and health hazard. Both Thomas and Teresa should discuss an immediate action plan in removing the clutter and waste in his apartment, perhaps contacting a company that specializes in handling such types of hoarding cases. To learn more about your rights, you should contact the law Office of Tamara Jordan P.L.L.C. today.

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