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How Can a Holdover Case Be Used to Evict a Rent-Compliant Tenant?

Evict a Rent-Compliant Tenant

One of your many rights as a landlord includes your right to evict a tenant. While most of the time a nonpayment dispute will be the source of your reasoning behind wanting to evict someone, such cases are by no means the only reasons you are allowed to use. When you want to evict a tenant for anything other than nonpayment, you will need to create what is called a holdover case.

Creating and Using a Holdover Case

Due to the fact that there might not be any aspect of criminal or negligent behavior coming from the tenant you wish to evict, you must typically provide several notices in advance that you do intend to evict them with a holdover case. Reasons for your holdover case may include:

  • Expiration of a lease agreement.

  • Tenant is residing there without your permission.

  • Damage incurred to property due to tenant's own doing.

  • Other contract breach (animal ownership violation, parking spot violations, etc.).

  • Tenant or tenant's guests committed a crime or have been disruptive.

As mentioned earlier, tenants are usually quick to say that a holdover case is a violation of their own rights as a paying "customer" on your property. Depending on the circumstances of your case, a paying tenant may not have a right to continue residing in your premises. In order to prepare for a possible legal battle ahead, you should always consult with our New York City landlord attorney first to see if there are any issues with your case. Contact us at The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. today by dialing 888.887.7454 for more information.

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