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Illegal Apartments and Single-Room Occupancy (SROs)

Illegal Apartments

Many landlords are constantly trying to get the best bang for their buck and utilize the available space that they have to the best of their ability. This is usually the case when close friends or family come to them in need of a place to stay. The problem lately is that landlords are now resorting to illegal single-room occupancy (SRO) living arrangements. This means that there are several families or individuals that are illegally living together in one space. This is especially relevant in the Brooklyn area. SROs however, pose a very real danger to firefighters who run into burning buildings only to find converted walls and extra interior locked doors. Inspectors try to crack open these case and expose buildings that have been illegally converted, but that has become increasingly difficult since residents have chosen to exercise their rights and refuse them entrance.

Single-room occupancies have been around for long time and when illegal conversion is involved, it is typically because the landlord wants to try and get the tenants to leave. When tenants are occupying an SRO and the time comes for them to leave but they refuse, then there could be a messy dispute at hand. The landlord can then try to kick them out with an eviction notice but in many cases, this process can get sticky. If the tenant makes any unapproved modifications to the space during their stay such as adjustments to the bathrooms or kitchen, the landlord could be stuck in between a rock and a hard place. If the landlord announces these modifications to the city, then they could be facing serious fines and other legal consequences.

If you are facing a landlord tenant dispute involving single-room occupancies, then contact New York City landlord tenant attorney Tamara Jordan for trustworthy legal advice. Call today at (888) 887-7454.

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