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NYC Woman Evicted Because of Cancer

Evicted Because of Cancer

A New York woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against her former landlord on the grounds that she was evicted because of her cancer. H.K. stated that she has spent two years in and out of hospitals battling ovarian and colon cancer. During that time, her landlord helped her out by creating a special payment plan for her Upper East Side apartment so that she could pay back everything that she owed them.

Issues arose when the apartment building was sold to a new owner, who would not honor the contract that H.K. had worked out with the previous owner. The current landlord allegedly raised the rent from $750 to $3000 and shortened the lease. They then wanted thousands of dollars in security money, because they were concerned her cancer would return and H.K. wouldn't be able to pay them back. At the time, she didn't agree to the deal and continued her payments as she had been, after filing a notice with the New York State Division of Human Rights.

Soon after, she supposedly came home to an eviction notice on her door and the city marshals ready to change the locks, so she was forced move out all her things into a storage unit. The management of her former residence has stated that the woman's claims are completely untrue and that they were "highly sensitive to the tenant's illness and made repeated efforts to settle this case, including offering one-year lease extension with no rent increase."(NBC News) The woman's official complaint states that she was discriminated against only because she had a disability.

If you are facing eviction due to discrimination or unfair grounds, then you need to contact a New York City landlord and tenant lawyer from The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. who can make sure your rights are protected! Contact our firm today!

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