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The Marshals Are Coming - The Eviction Notice

The Eviction Notice

Greg has been on vacation in Hawaii for two weeks and his neighbor Sam has been picking up Greg's mail. Greg returned home last night to find a 72 hour eviction notice on his door. Greg is current with his rent and he does not understand the reason the landlord is trying to evict him. Sam dropped off Greg's mail today and Greg has not found any legal notices, except for the eviction notice on his door. What is Greg's next step?

Greg should contact the Marshal's office immediately to find out the scheduled eviction date and Greg should also contact a lawyer or file an emergency motion on his own in court to stop the eviction. Without an order for the court to stop the eviction, the Marshals can proceed with the eviction. To assist you in stopping the eviction, contact the law office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C.

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