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The Welcome Mat Part 3: From Rags to Riches

From Rags to Riches

Bob has six months remaining on his lease with his landlord and he lives in a one bedroom apartment. Bob gets an email from his old college buddy, Dave, stating that he is starting a new job in New York and he is going to spend some time looking for a place to live.

Bob tells Dave that he can crash on his couch for a few weeks while he finds a new place. Dave accepts Bob's offer and let's him know that he is the first person to treat him so kindly in quite some time since his family has taken advantage of him financially over these years.

Dave shows up at Bob's apartment and several weeks turn into two months. Bob learns today that his company will be relocating to Silicon Valley soon and he returns home to find Dave sleeping on the couch in the middle of a work day. Dave says he finished work early today, but Bob is not convinced.

Surprisingly enough, Bob runs into Dave's sister and she reveals to him that Dave has been unemployed for the last fifteen years and that he spends his time freeloading from people. What should Bob do? Bob should consider speaking with an attorney about filing an action to evict Dave. A termination notice will have to be served on Dave, giving him notice of Bob's intent to evict him. If Dave remains in the apartment after the termination notice, then Bob will have to commence a holdover case against him, seeking a judgment of possession in his favor. Bob will also have to consider the legal consequences of breaking his lease.

For more information about your legal options and to avoid a similar situation like Bob's case, call attorney Jordan today.

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