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To Evict or Not to Evict - I Am Getting a Tax Refund

Evict or Not to Evict

Billy keeps hearing from Lucy that she is going to pay him at the end of the month. Well three months have passed and Billy keeps hearing the same excuse. This month, Lucy told Billy she has great news to tell him-she's getting a a tax refund from the government and she is going to pay him as soon as she gets her refund. Should Billy wait to see if Lucy is going to get her tax refund from the government?

It is up to Billy. Billy is entitled to collect rent from Lucy regardless of whether Lucy receives a tax refund from the government. Billy has to make a decision whether he can financially afford to wait for Lucy to fill her obligation as a tenant.Billy should consider filing an action in court as soon as possible to collect his outstanding rent from Lucy. The longer Billy waits, the longer Lucy has to forgo her obligations. To learn more about your rights as a landlord, contact the law office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. today.

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