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When should a landlord hire an attorney?

should a landlord hire an attorney?

As a landlord, you want to protect your business from any claims that will decrease profitability. Disputes with tenants can incur unforeseen costs and penalties. In certain situations, landlords should hire a lawyer to help resolve their disputes, including the following:


Landlords often evict tenants with much success, but some evictions can be highly complex, requiring a lot of paperwork and a stringent process. In addition, many judges require a high burden of proof before they will evict a tenant. If you are evicting a tenant for the first time or the tenant is fighting the eviction, then you may want to consider hiring a landlord-tenant lawyer to protect your rights. Winning an eviction lawsuit isn't always easy.

Property Damage

If a rental property undergoes major property damage, then a tenant may try to sue you for damages. He or she may claim that your lack of attention led to the incident and so you should pay compensation. While you may be insured for some of the damages, you may want to hire an attorney, especially for larger claims.

Contact an NYC Landlord Tenant Attorney

Landlords who are facing disputes with their tenants in New York should obtain legal representation from The Law Office of Tamara I. Jordan P.L.L.C. With over a decade of experience, our legal team understands New York landlord-tenant law and can help you resolve your issue. The firm is 100% client driven and do everything we can to pursue your best interests. Contact our office and schedule your consultation today!

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